Club Indoor tournament 2017 - 8th April 2017

On a warm sunny April afternoon, when we should have been shooting outside, the Club Indoor Championships were hotly contested. Despite the low turnout this year, the archers present put on a fantastic nail-biting display, which produced our closest ever result.

Shooting a brand new, never shot before, round, the BA Indoor 720, the archers were facing a different type of contest. Could they remain focussed as the targets get bigger? Could they retain their stamina?

The BA720 is a brand new round that we are sure will soon be adopted by Archery GB and become the new standard for indoor competitions, probably worldwide. As leaders in this new round, all winners are now world record holders*.
*World record status not confirmed by Guinness.

A BA720 replicates outdoor shooting, indoors, by increasing the face size all at the same distance, making it 'appear' closer.

  • 2 dozen arrows (shot in 3's) at 20yds on a 40cm face.
  • 2 dozen arrows (shot in 3's) at 20yds on a 60cm face.
  • 2 dozen arrows (shot in 3's) at 20yds on a 80cm face.



Senior Recurve

    40cm 60cm 80cm Total  


Piers Skilton






Zoli Olajos
Jon Hammond
4th Colin Betts 201 219 225 645  
5th Rob Garnham 196 220 225 641  
6th Ade Burch 186 200 221 607  
7th Alan Munson 183 197 215 595  
8th Stephen Wood 177 201 207 585  
9th Dave Hamilton 169 197 215 581  
10th Matthew Skilton 174 207 198 579  
11th Ray Butler 164 199 213 576  
12th Dave Morrow 159 190 194 543  
13th Jay House 127 190 196 513  
14th Steven Edwards 124 172 206 502  
15th John Humphrey 150 160 185 495  
16th Rachel Goode 124 168 178 470  

Junior Recurve     

    40cm 60cm 80cm Total  


Balint Olajos







Senior Compound






    40cm 60cm 80cm Total  


Mike Gissing






  John Goode          


Report by Ade Burch

Shooting started at 2pm and the hall was filled with a tension, only ever seen once before and that was when the H2H final took place the previous week. Archers focussed intensively as they mounted their attack on the 40cm faces.

At the first break, there was only 4 points in it. After the second break the lead swung to a different leader, with only one point between the top two. Finally, the result was known, when Piers broke back into the lead, pipping Zoli by a single point.

Congratulations to Piers Skilton on his triumph and becoming the Club Recurve Indoor Champion and picking up the Gold medal. Well done to Zoli Olajos for pushing him all the way by coming in second and collecting the silver medal.

The bronze medal position was also hotly contested, with Colin Betts holding this position all the way through the competition until the final hurdle, when Jon Hammond pipped him also by a single point. Well done Jon Hammond for sneaking into the bronze medal position.

Congratulations also goes to Mike Gissing for becoming the Compound Champion and Balint Olajos for becoming the Junior Recurve Champion, although there was little competition for them as they were the only ones entered.

My thanks go to Mike Gissing for getting the range organised, John Goode for being judge and field captain, Natalie Skilton for helping with the interval scores and to Rachel Goode for being official photographer. Also, thank you to everyone else for entering the competition and for helping out when needed.

Finally, congratulations must go to every person that shot that day. It was an historic day. This never shot before round produced 18 personal bests, 5 Club records and 5 World records. Ok so the World records may not be ratified in the World Archery arena but we can still believe they exist!

Ade Burch
April 2017