Robin Hoods

In archery terms, a "Robin Hood" occurs when an archer shoots an arrow into the back of his own (or somebody else's) arrow in the target. It comes from the legend of Robin Hood where he split the arrow to win the archery tournament. 

Maybe a sign of of good shooting? most of the time the first thought is, 'expensive!'



{besps_c}0|rh01.jpg|William|December 2003{/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|rh02.jpg|David Fellman|September 2004{/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|rh03.jpg|Adam|October 2004{/besps_c}

{besps_c}0|rh04.jpg|David|November 2004{/besps_c}
{besps_c}0|rh05.jpg|Paul Coombs|March 2007{/besps_c}
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