Blue Arrows Competitions and Club Tournaments

Club Tournaments

Blue Arrows have two club tournaments in the year, one indoor, one outdoor. We sometimes change the formats and range of categories to ensure all members and abilities can shoot with the prospect achieving their personal target.

Postal Leagues

Throughout the year we take part in a number of postal leagues.  Postal leagues are a way in which clubs can compete against each other without the need to meet at a particular ground to shoot. Each club shoots at their home ground and the results are posted to a co-ordinator who collects all the results and produces league tables and the such like. This also means that clubs from all over the country can compete in the same league.

The club enter 4 leagues, the Andy Harris, Bray I and British Archer's Portsmouth leagues are indoor winter leagues and the Selby league is an outdoor summer league.  And for the diehard archers, there is the aptly named ‘Frost bite’ league which takes place outdoors during the winter months.

Taking part can add a little spice to your shooting and allow you to see how you are progressing through the season.

Blue Arrows don’t pressurise members to take part, if you want to score and submit you card, you are welcome, if you prefer to shoot for fun then do so. Postal leagues are a great way to focus on your shooting and to achieve personal bests and if you wish, help the club move up the leagues!

External Competitions

If you want to take your challenges further, the club will help you enter external competitions where you can shoot at a range of distances and formats against archers from other clubs.



Or just shoot for the fun of it!