Chairman – Vacancy, Alan Munson is acting Chairman until the next AGM

The role of the chairman is to chair committee meetings, formulate agendas, to have the final vote if the committee are undecided and to act as a main focal point of contact for the club.

They call the Annual General Meeting each year and act as the Master of Ceremonies at competitions and events. They represent the club externally and help the committee in the process of moving new ideas forward and keeping tabs on others duties.


Secretary and Acting Chairman – Alan MunsonAlan Munson small

The secretary’s role is to maintain club member’s records and to act as the main focal point when dealing with Archery GB. They maintain records for CRB checks and take the minutes at both AGMs and committee meetings. He is key to the protection of the members making sure the records are up to date and that the correct legislation is in place.

Our secretary is also our main coach and has other coaching duties as well. He heads our Coaching sub committee to ensure you will receive the coaching you need.


Sarah HarveyTreasurer – Sarah Harvey

The treasurer looks after all the money in the club, ensuring funds are spent wisely and recording the money we spend and receive. She is a bank account signatory and will liaise with other officers in the club over payments. She records subscriptions and makes sure every member maintains their membership fees.

She presents the final accounts at the AGM and is happy to discuss the club finances.


Equipment Officer – Mike GissingMike Gissing small

As the title suggests the Equipment Officer looks after all the equipment in the club. They will investigate repairs and replacements. They make sure you have targets to shoot at and make sure the bosses are in good shooting condition. They maintain a register of every piece of equipment we have and are responsible for the outdoor field markings.

This person is extremely key to you the members as they make sure you can shoot each week. Please support him in his role and report equipment problems.


David Fellman smallRecords Officer – David Fellman

The records officer keeps records for archers. They hold the club shooting records, recording those who hold the highest club scores for particular rounds.

Other roles include the administration on the club external leagues and submitting scores to the various postal leagues we shoot in. He checks scores and makes sure things are correct.  He also controls the 252 badge scheme and classification awards.


Club Magazine - Jim HigginsJim Higgins

Our resident journalist is always on the hunt for a good story. The magazine is published monthly and contains information on all aspects of the clubs people, activities or archery in general. If you have an article to publish, please see Jim or contact him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Web AdminWeb Administrator - Jon Hammond

Well, someone's got to do it!  All feedback welcomed and please point out any broken links or the many trypos and speeling mistakes on the web pages, it's the only way they'll be corrected.  This is the clubs webpage, if you want something that isn't here already, let me know.  Better still write article for the page and providing it meets our approval and doesn't breach any copyright rules I'll try to publish.  To contact me, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Welfare Officer (Non-Committee role) - Seirian SouthgateBASSouthgate

Blue Arrows archery and Archery GB are committed to providing an environment that is safe, welcoming and friendly for children, teenagers and all adults to enjoy the sport of target archery.  

A welcoming environment is one where children are asked for, and are able to offer their views and opinions and feel confident and safe in doing so, where children feel able to share concerns, and where everyone feels able to challenge poor practice or behavior.  The Club Welfare Officer is vital to this and is a key member of the club.  The Welfare Officer role is not a member of the committee and works independently on behalf of all members.

Our Club Welfare Officer is Seirian Southgate. She is responsible for dealing with any child or adult related issue where a situation concerning the welfare of a child has been raised either by the child or by another club member.

Should you have any concerns that you feel the welfare office can assist you with then contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or see her on a Thursday night.