Club Membership

Membership of the club is open to anyone aged 7 and over, meaning that it is something that the whole family can do together!

Membership of the club also requires membership of the Grand National Archery Society that now trades as Archery GB. Archery GB are the national governing body for the Olympic sport of target archery in the UK. As members of Archery GB, club members will also be able to shoot at open competitions across the UK and, by arrangement, will also be able to shoot as guests at other Archery GB affiliated clubs in the UK.

All members will also receive a free copy of "Archery UK" on a quarterly basis. This is the official Archery GB magazine which includes interesting articles together with details of all the competitions that are open to members.

Membership Fees

Membership fees fall into two parts, Archery GB and club membership fees.

Archery GB

Membership of Archery GB is a mandatory requirement for all members, in additon to the club membership fees.  The Blue Arrows treasurer will administer this on your behalf and payment is in the form of a single, annual fee, payable on or before 1st September by cheque (payable to Blue Arrows Archery Club), cash or bank transfer.  For new members joining at other times in the year, pro-rata fees are currenly available.

Membership      Full Year     From 1st April  From 1st July 
Seniors (over 25): £50.00 £25.00 £13
Seniors (aged 18 - 24 inc.):    £16.00 £8:00 £5
Juniors (Under 18):  £16.00 £8:00 £5
Disabled: £16.00 £8:00 £5


Club Fees

Joining Fee

A one off club joining fee of £20 is payable to new members or anyone joining after lapsed membership.

Annual Membership Fees

Club fees are payable annually on 1st April each year, preferably by bank transfer/standing order. 

  • Senior (over the age of 18) :                  £144 per annum
  • Junior (under the age of 18):                  £72 per annum
  • Family (two adults and three children): £360 per annum

New members joining during the year that wish to pay annually, will be charged £12 for each full or partial month from date of joining until 31st March, then full year fees apply from April.

At Blue Arrows, we recognise that spreading membership fees is beneficial to many members so permit the annual fee to be spread over the year at no extra cost. It should however be noted that if payments are intentionally stopped or are missed without letting the club know, will constitute as lapsed membership and therefore reinstatement will be subject to a joining fee.

  • Senior (over the age of 18) :                  £12 per month
  • Junior (under the age of 18):                  £6  per month
  • Family (two adults and three children): £30 per month

Membership Card

On joining you will receive a blue Membership card with your unique membership number.


Blue Arrows welcome visitors to the club.  On arrival, please make yourself known to a committe or senior member, members will point you in the right direction.  You must present your Archery GB card and fee before shooting.

  • Adult (18+) Archery GB Member Visitors fee is £5 per session
  • Junior (under 18) Archery GB Member Visitors fee is £2.50 per session.  You must be at least 7 years old and anyone under 13 will require parent/guardian supervision throughout.

Membership forms

Membership forms can be downloaded here for completion before arrival.  Please note, you will need to be an Archery GB member, previous member or have evidence you have completed an appropriate beginers course to be considered for membership.  Blue arrows offer beginers courses, please see the beginers page for details.

Ready to join us?

Click here to see a step by step checklist to enable you to join the Blue Arrows Archery Club.

Please contact the club if you have further questions regarding membership or visit us on club nights.