The Selby League

Each Selby league competition is shot on a Short Metric round, that is 36 arrows at 50m and 36 arrows at 30m with 80cm faces. In 2016 Blue Arrows entered 2 recurve teams of 3 archers, 1 compound team of 2 archers and 1 Longbow team of 2 archers each. As with the Andy Harris league, archers are chosen for each team based upon their scores for the shoot, so anyone can make the team!

The Selby competition is shot on the first or second Thursday of each month with the exception of September when it is the first Thursday to ensure we finish before it gets dark!

Threshold and Adjusted Scores

In order to keep the leagues competitive, each division has a ‘division score’ which is the score teams of that division are expected to achieve.
Form this each division has a threshold score calculated as:

Division score + 120 for Recurve and Compound and +80 for Longbow.

Any team score over the threshold score will incur a deduction of 1 point for every 1 point over the threshold score.

For example: the Recurve Division score is 1640.  The Threshold score is 1640 + 120 = 1760.  If the team score below 1760, the score is unaffected. 

If the team score 1796, they have scored above the divisional threshold, 1760 - 1796 = +36.  The final submitted adjusted score will therefore be 1760 - 36 = 1724 points

Season Results

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