Local Shooting Rules

These rules apply to Blue Arrows Archery Club and in addition to any ArcheryGB rules and best practice for safely participating in the sport of Archery

Outdoor venue shooting rules

Arrow and equipment retrieval

The Ipswich high School field is a multi-sport venue therefore all arrows and parts of Arrows MUST be collected at the end of each session. 

We also ask that you pick up and bin any splinters from the boss that you find and ensure that no pegs or pins are left on the field.

All Carbon Arrows are strictly prohibited 

The use of all carbon arrows are strictly prohibited on the outdoor field.  They present a significant risk of loss as they cannot be detected sufficiently and splinters are extremely dangerous to the school pupils and other venue users.

Carbon/Aluminium composite such as ACC, ACE and X10 are permitted.

Indoor venue shooting rules

Access to the hall

We have confirmed bookings with Northgate sports centre.  We cannot enter the hall until our allotted time and must have packed up all club and personal equipment and vacated the hall by our allotted finish time.

All Carbon Arrows

The use of all carbon arrows are permitted at the indoor venue.