Postal Leagues

Postal leagues are a way in which clubs can compete against each other without the need to meet at a particular ground to shoot. Each club shoots at their home ground and the results are posted to a co-ordinator who collects all the results and produces league tables and the such like. This also means that clubs from all over the country can compete in the same league.

The club enter 2 Outdoor leagues.  The Selby league is an outdoor summer league and the Frostbite is an outdoor winter league. Taking part can add a little spice to your shooting and allow you to see how you are progressing through the season.

The Selby League

Recurve and Compound - Each Selby league competition is shot on a Short Metric round, that is 36 arrows at 50m and 36 arrows at 30m with 80cm faces.


Recurve and Compound - Each Frostbite shoot takes place outdoors during the winter months for the more dedicated archers, shooting 36 arrows at 30m on a 80cm face.