The Bray I League

A Bray I competition shoot involves shooting a Bray I round which is 30 arrows over 20 yards on 40cm faces. Blue Arrows enter one or two (depending on year) compound teams and since 2015, also entered a longbow team. Blue Arrows have traditionally restricted their entry to compound archers because compound archers are not allowed to shoot the Andy Harris league; this is effectively the compound version of the Andy Harris and helps keep all archers involved on Andy Harris competition nights if they want to be.  This consideration has now been extended to longbows as we now have sufficent longbow archers to make a regular team.

The 'A', 'B' team members are chosen by virtue of their scores for the shoot; the highest 2 scores form the 'A' team the next highest 2 scores form the 'B' team. Everybody has a chance of making either team if they shoot well enough on the night.

2017-18 Results - Compound            2017-18 Results - Longbow

2016-17 Results - Compound            2016-17 Results - Longbow

2015-16 Results - Compound            2015-16 Results - Longbow

2014-15 Results - Compound

2013-14 Results - Compound

2012-13 Results - Compound