Blue Arrows Club Tournaments

Blue Arrows stage 2 closed competitions each year, one during the indoor season and one during the outdoor season. These competitions are for Blue Arrows members only.

Indoor Competition

The date for the indoor competition is usually the last Sunday before we go outdoors again, close to the end of March. It is was typically a Portsmouth round though we did once take a detour and do a Worcestor round but in recent years we have invented the BA720.  As the only club that competes in this round, all records are actually World Records! 

Outdoor Competition

Because of the different abilities of club members we choose rounds that suit all abilities.  In recent years we have shot 'Westerns' with a 'Short Western' at 50 and 40 yards for recurve to make it as inclusive as possible.  We also have a mix of shorter competitions including 20 yard rounds for beginners using the club bows or own equipment.