Blue Arrows Club Tournaments

Blue Arrows stage 2 closed competitions each year, one during the indoor season and one during the outdoor season. These competitions are for Blue Arrows members only.

Indoor Competition

The date for the indoor competition is usually the last Sunday before we go outdoors again, close to the end of March. It is typically a Portsmouth round though we did once take a detour and do a Worcestor round. There are 5 categories that allow archers of similar standard to compete against each other, senior recurve, intermediate recurve, junior recurve, senior compound and junior compound.

Click on the links below to see the results of indoor competitions of the past.

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Outdoor Competition

Because of the different abilities of club members we offer 3 different recurve rounds for the outdoor competition, ostensibly for senior, intermediate and junior archers.Although we do not necessarily shoot the same rounds each year the rounds mentioned below are representative of the distances shot by each category.

  • Long Metric II (3 Dozen @ 60m, 3 dozen @ 50m on 122cm faces) for senior recurve
  • Long Metric IV (3 Dozen @ 40m, 3 dozen @ 30m on 122cm faces) for intermediate recurve
  • Short Metric IV (3 Dozen @ 20m, 3 dozen @ 10m on 122cm faces) for junior recurve

Compound archers will shoot a round that is a little more challenging; for 2014 it was a FITA 70m round.

 Click on the links below to see the results of outdoor competitions of the past.

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