The British Archer's Portsmouth League

Each BA Portsmouth competition shoot involves shooting a Portsmouth round which is 60 arrows over 20 yards on 60cm faces. Blue Arrows have entered between 1 and 3 teams, depending on the year usually, 'A', 'B' recurve teams and a compound team.

For recurve competitions the 'A', 'B' team members are chosen by virtue of their scores for the shoot; the highest 3 scores form the 'A' team the next highest 3 scores form the 'B' team. For the compound team it is also the top 3 scores that count. Everybody has a chance of making either team if they shoot well enough on the night.

Threshold and Adjusted Scores

In order to keep the leagues competative, each division has a ‘division score’ which is the score teams of that division are expected to achieve.
Form this each division has a threshold score calculated as:

Division score + 120 for Recurve/Compound Portsmouth

Any team score over the threshold score will incur a deduction of 1 point for every 1 point over the threshold score.

For example: the A Division score is 1600.  The Threshold score is 1600 +120 = 1720.  If the team score below 1720 the score is unaffected. 

If the team score 1735, they have scored above the divisional threshold, 1735 - 1720 = +15.  The final submitted adjusted score will therefore be 1720 - 15 = 1705 points

Season Results

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