The Frostbite League

Each Frostbite competition shoot involves shooting 36 arrows over 30 metres on 80cm faces.  This is a postal competition and takes place over the winter months between November and March.

The Frostbite league is open to any club members but it takes the certain degree of madness, present in minds of a select few members who want to swap a nice warm bed for a cold, wet and muddy archery field on a Sunday morning, especially when a toasty sports hall is available just an arrows flight away.

These diehard fools are present in all weathers, sometimes barely recognisable in the many layers of clothes; feel free to join us – if you think you’re hard enough!

Threshold and Adjusted Scores

In order to keep the leagues competitive, each division has a ‘division score’ which is the score teams of that division are expected to achieve.
Form this each division has a threshold score calculated as:

Division score + 90 for Recurve and +75 for Compound.

Any team score over the threshold score will incur a deduction of 1 point for every 1 point over the threshold score.

For example: the Recurve Division score is 758.  The Threshold score is 758 + 90 = 848.  If the team score below 848 the score is unaffected. 

If the team score 900, they have scored above the divisional threshold, 900 - 848 = +52.  The final submitted adjusted score will therefore be 848 - 52 = 796 points

Season Results

2018-19 Results
2017-18 Results
2016-17 Results
2015-16 Results