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How do I start?

The club runs courses to allow beginners the chance to try their hand at a new sport.

A beginners course is required to provide the necessary training to allow beginners to shoot and understand the safety and etiquette of archery. In the past our beginner courses have involved three separate sessions on consecutive weekends. This is not always convenient for the attendees and can prevent people from attending if they cannot make all sessions. With this in mind we now run an intensive 1-day course with sessions in the morning and afternoon; if you can make the scheduled day you can complete the course.

No previous experience is necessary and all equipment and coaching are provided by the club's qualified coaches/leaders.

The course will cover the shooting line safety rules, basic shooting techniques and progress to more advanced use of sights and other shooting aids later in the day. Competitions, scoring methods, bow set-up and take-down will also be introduced to give you a comprehensive introduction to archery. All the necessary equipment will be provided for your use on the day. Information with respect to joining the club will also be available.

Morning session 10:00am - 12:00pm
Afternoon session 13:00pm - 15:30pm 

When is the next beginners course?

We have completed our planned courses for 2019 but expect to run further courses in 2020.  Please register an interest in taking part in a beginners course via the contact us page.  If we have sufficent numbers, we may run another course this year, otherwise we'll inform you once we have set the 2020 dates and when the booking system opens. 

What happens once I've completed the course?

As soon as you have completed the course you will be able to join the club immediately and start shooting.  We won't leave you to it, we'll provide as much or as little assistance as you want to help you develop onto the sport of archery.  You will be able to borrow club equipment on club nights until you feel you are ready to make the next step by purchasing your own equipment.

As you develop, the experienced members and club instructors will share their knowledge, but only if you want it.  The ethos is always, as long as you are safe, we'll let you develop at your pace but if you ask, there will always be someone to provide guidence or advice.