The Andy Harris League

Each Andy Harris competition shoot involves shooting 36 arrows over 15 yards on 40cm faces. Blue Arrows have once again entered two teams in the 2018-19. We don't enter a separate junior team but juniors are welcome to shoot the competition and add their scores into the mix.

'A' and 'B' team members are chosen by virtue of their scores for the shoot; the highest 5 scores form the 'A' team the next highest 5 scores form the 'B' team. Everybody has a chance of making either team if they shoot well enough on the night.

2018-19 Results - 'A' Team              2018-19 Results - 'B' Team

2017-18 Results - 'A' Team              2017-18 Results - 'B' Team

2016-17 Results - 'A' Team              2016-17 Results - 'B' Team

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