Welcome to the all-new Blue Arrows Archery Club website!

Launched to coincide with the 2015 club tournament, it relaunches the clubs web presence and ties the latest club colours and logo with the online image.

Most of the old pages are here although there are a few, mainly ‘gallery’ pages that still need to be transferred, this will happen soon. We’ve gone for a full redesign of the menus, hopefully making it easier to find the information you want.

Over time we want to develop the site further and will take on the views of the committee and membership and will canvas opinions in due course. In the meantime bear with us as we refine the site, we’re sure there are a number of trypos and speeling mistakes. Please point these out so they can be corrected – if you don’t, nothing will change! Until a formal address is setup, please contact our web admin at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We hope you like it and find it informative and step forward in the promotion of the Blue Arrows Archery Club.

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