Indoor Club Tournament 2018

Indoor Club Tournament

Sunday 18th March 2018

Assembly (ready to shoot) at 13:15, Sighters at 13:30

Once again we are shooting the unique BA 720.
For those new to the club, it isn't the British Airways flight between London Heathrow and Zurich, its an indoor round inveted for Blue Arrows, by Blue arrows and works as follows:

It may sould strange but we shoot an outdoor round - Indoors!  How? you may well ask? This is what we will be doing.

As you know when we shoot a round outdoors, targets are at different distances. Starting with the longest first and getting shorter as the round goes on. The target face therefore is at its smallest at the longer distances and bigger as it gets closer.

We can replicate that indoors by putting on different size faces all at the same distance. Small target faces first and then moving to bigger ones as the round progresses.
This is how it will work:

2 dozen arrows (shot in 3's) at 20yds on a 40cm face.
2 dozen arrows (shot in 3's) at 20yds on a 60cm face.
2 dozen arrows (shot in 3's) at 20yds on an 80cm face.

There will be breaks in between as target faces are changed just like outdoors when bosses are moved.

Everyone can reach 20yds and will be a great challenge on the smaller faces but it will become easier as the faces increase in size. Or will it???

It will be shot in a normal competition environment so will give those that have not experienced an indoor comp before a chance to get familiar with how they work.

The Hall is open at 12:00 with assembly at 1.15pm. There will be one round of sighters at 13:30 and shooting will start immediately afterwards.

Any volunteers to arrive from 12:00 to set up would be very much appreciated. 
Anyone wanting to enter the Indoor Competition, please register here.
You will be sent an email to confirm you place.  You'll also get a link should you need to cancel (not that you'll need it!).
Registration is now open and will remain so until 17:00 on Friday 16th March.
The more the merrier

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Event Date 1:15 pm 18/03/2018
Event End Date 5:30 pm 18/03/2018
Registration Start Date 4:00 pm 06/02/2018
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 0
Cut off date 5:00 pm 16/03/2018
Location Northgate Sports Centre
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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