Head 2 Head 2016

Welcome to the Blue Arrows Head to Head Handicap competition 2016!

41 archers have entered this year so we have a prelimiary round featuring the first 18 out of the hi-tech draw machine, the 9 winners will go into the first round of 32.  Once again we have a mix of Longbow, Compound and recurve, Juniors, seniors and very senior, all in the draw, shooting against each other.

Deadline for each round is stated below, when the next round will be drawn.  Each round is drawn individually.

In the preliminary round, our winner from last season, Ross Trinder was the last name to be pulled out and has a tricky tie against Chris Vince.  Last seasons finalist Vonny Butler completes an all female tie against the clubs treasurer Sarah Harvey.  In the Round of 32, the returning to form Jon Hammond was drawn against Chris Vince in a top flight battle that went to the last end and World cup Archer Zoli Olajos had a close battle against one of the juniors and perhaps unsportingly won!

Into the round of 16, Jay House took out our resident Hungarian international; Despite not being able to hit the broad side of a barn in other competitions, Alan Munson managed another win, while a match between Mike Gissing and Andy Rogers ensured the dark side would be represented in the Quarter Finals.

The Quarter finals throws the tie that tournament with Chris Vince being drawn against partner, Yvonne Butler - Relationship councelling is not part of the club constitution, could be an interesting match to watch but not to get to close, arrows are dangerous....

The person who is at the top of the tie that needs to try and make arrangements for the match to take place.  Remember the rules state that if the tie does not get shot by the deadline day the Challenger (person at the top) will go through, so if you are the opponent it is probably in your best interest to make sure the challenger is aware you want the tie to go ahead so that a mutual time can be arranged.

Please pass all scores to Ade at the completion of the round.