Ade would say traditional, we say bendy stick with a string!AdeSuffolk3
Whatever you call it, we congratulate our club chairman, Ade Burch for getting a call-up to the Suffolk/Essex county team to compete against Cambridge in an inter-county match held at Rayleigh, Essex over the Easter weekend. Indeed, Ade was the only Suffolk representative.

Each team had eight archers and shot a double Portsmouth so a test of skill and endurance. I think we can all relate to the standard Portsmouth competitions dragging on occasions and that’s only half way, Ade said that the last few ends were hard work but did maintain the scores – better work on that fitness for next time!

Ade was part of the winning team as Essex and Suffolk beat Cambridgeshire.
Essex 5217 Cambridgeshire 4872

His score of 888 is a club record but more impressively, was the 3rd highest score on the day of the Essex/Suffolk team and 4th overall. He also chose this competition to get his first ever maximum score of 30 in a Portsmouth in one end. A notable achievement but was also unique on the day so (in Ades own words) “caused a bit of a stir”. Ade has been asked to keep in touch with the county team for consideration at future county fixtures.

Ade said “I wore my Blue Arrows hoody with pride so they all knew where I was from”. Normally that’s something we wouldn’t want openly shared, but on this occasion, we’ll allow it and congratulations from all the members of Blue Arrows, a proud moment for the club!